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Campaign Against Racism

SMC 2018 Campaign Against Racism

The biggest growing industry is the white savior complex, and it is seriously growing, and we are part of that movement. And now we are getting into a multi-ethnic privileged foreigner savior complex, so how do we not evolve into that?
— Focus group participant, 2017
Image credit: Chip Thomas

Image credit: Chip Thomas

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In partnership with Dr. Camara Jones, the Social Medicine Consortium is launching the Global Matters component of the Campaign Against Racism, Dr. Jones' call to action as past President of the American Public Health Association.

Connect with the Campaign

The most up to date content can be found on the campaign hub here. 





Campaign Against Racism Grand Strategy

The goal of the Campaign Against Racism is to dismantle structural racism and its effects on health around the world – because racism kills – by supporting local actions, efforts, and networks which aim to improve the health and lives of those most affected by racism.

Campaign Against Racism Organizing Statement

We are organizing the Social Medicine Consortium to achieve racial justice across medical centers, universities, and organizations by educating health professional about the structural and social determinants of health and supporting local campaigns which seek to address racism and the legacy of colonialism in the health sector globally. We will do this by establishing chapters of the Social Medicine Consortium with community organizing capacity, creating a scorecard for structural racism, and activating networks by June 2020.

The Campaign Against Racism (CAR) is a global movement with approximately 250 active members in 22 chapters across 10 countries

In its first six months of existence, the Campaign has reached nearly 1,500 individuals through dozens of actions undertaken by Campaign chapters.

These actions included workshops on anti-racism and social medicine in Mexico, Haiti, Palestine and New York City, the formation of an African anti-racism network, and medical students implementing a Racial Justice Report Card system at medical schools across the United States

Please find below the geographical locations of CAR in the interactive digital map.

Click on #CAR of the location to discover more about the Chapter, their strategic goal and who you can contact for more information.

Applications for New Chapters are NOW OPEN!

On 26th July, CAR hosted a webinar for those interested in establishing a New Chapter.

Please click here for the recording

The application form to apply to be a New Chapter can also be found by clicking here.

If you wish to wish to understand more on the application process, please do not hesitate to email

Application deadline - 30th August 2019

Organizing Principles

  1. We are all leaders personally and collectively responsible of self reflection

  2. We must act in solidarity and in communities to expose and dismantle capitalism and racism as mutually reinforcing acts of violence while imagining a new reality that humanizes and centralizes the margins

  3. Racial justice is required for health equity therefore we must name and dismantle racism (seen and unseen) and understand its intersection with other systems of oppression

  4. Repair and Create /Reparar y crear

Organizing Statements of Our Chapters


We are organizing the incarcerated, medical personnel, and local grassroots advocates on behalf of and with the incarcerated in order to establish an actionable network of incarcerated/formerly incarcerated, conscious healthcare workers, and community advocates within the next 2- 4 years


We are organizing residents and medical students to retool specific components of the healthcare system in New Orleans that contribute to health inequities via enforcing white supremacy and other systems of oppression by implementing a number of changes that broadly include educating residents, partnering with the community, and advocating for our patients to achieve a more inclusive and equitable clinical environment for New Orleanians.


We are organizing the communities of Aida and Azza Refugee Camps to pursue their health rights as Palestinian refugees by creating awareness about racism, the rights they are entitled to and training the community in acting collectively to achieve better healthcare services and justice. We will do this by setting up weekly trainings for community health workers with First Intifada activists throughout 2019 and organizing a two-week training in the summer with Nisreen Haj Ahmad. In a second stage CHWs will work in organizing other community members.


We are organizing SOCOMED Rwanda to pursue health promotion by having a constructive dialogue to raise awareness of how colonialism, racism and capitalism cause health inequity. We will achieve this by April 2019.


We are organizing the Uganda Social Medicine Consortium Chapter to achieve racial equality among institutions (hospitals, schools, universities and workplaces) in Uganda by educating health professional and general population about racism as a structural and social determinant of health in post -colonial Uganda to achieve a goal of creating awareness about racism and how it impacts on the health professionals and general population. We will do this by establishing the understanding of Ugandan population of racism through the racism awareness tool / Implicit Assessment Test , survey and a wide social media campaign against racism in Uganda 

Campaign Against Racism FAQ

How did CAR start?

CAR was originally conceptualized by the past president of the American Public Health Association Dr. Camara Jones. Dr. Jones was the keynote speaker at the Chicago-based 2nd annual Social Medicine Consortium Conference in April 2017.  During this time, Dr. Jones presented the idea to SMC leadership, and asked if the SMC could take on one facet of the campaign – a committee that would be dedicated to global issues of racism.  SMC agreed to this and the CAR was further conceptualized in November 2017 at the APHA Annual Conference in Atlanta. The SMC officially launched the campaign with over 350 members from around the world, in partnership with Dr. Jones, at our 3rd annual conference in April 2018 in Churchrock, New Mexico.

How does the CAR work?

The CAR is a network of chapters.  Chapters sign on and agree to be a part of the campaign by declaring their strategic goal for their direct community.  There will be a series of in-person and online meetings during the year during which chapters can share they success stories and challenges, participate in community organizing training, and build relationships with organizers from around the world.  The CAR leadership team will offer resources and support to each chapter to ensure that each chapter reaches their goals.

What is the difference between an SMC chapter and a CAR chapter?

We recognize that there are likely three categories of interest in the Campaign Against Racism:

1. Groups of people who have been involved in the Social Medicine Consortium long-term and who are already organizing SMC-related social medicine activities locally, who now want to sign onto the CAR;

2. Groups of people who are new to the SMC and who want to sign on to the CAR but are not sure they want to organize other SMC-related social medicine activities in the future;  

3. Groups of people who are new to the SMC and who want to sign on to the CAR and would like to organize other SMC-related social medicine activities in the future in addition to the CAR.

ALL THREE CATEGORIES ARE WELCOME TO SUBMIT to join the CAR!  Those that would like to continue to organize other SMC-related activities beyond the CAR will receive more information on the monthly SMC calls which occur the first Wednesday of the month at 10 am ET (join our listserve for more information)

Who is the CAR Coordination Committee?

The founding CAR team is a group of more than 15 people from across the globe who are dedicated to fighting against the deadly impact of racism.

How do I further support the CAR movement?

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the campaign you can do so by clicking this link.  If you are part of a larger organization and would like to support CAR in a different way, please contact us by emailing

How long will CAR last?

Formally, the SMC will be coordinating the Campaign Against Racism until October 2020 when all chapters convene for the 5th annual Social Medicine Consortium conference in Uganda, 15th to 17th October 2020. Informally, the SMC will be continuing the campaign until the impact of racism on health is eliminated.

Additional Resources

-National Campaign Against Racism website (Center for the Study of Racism, Social Justice & Health) .